Consumer Behavior

Develop a survey and implement it, using questions (at least 25 questions) of interest: art, theatre, sports, activities and lifestyles. Submit a sampling of your survey in your term project.
Objective of term project: To be submitted to me  (email) for approval (certificate and graded students).
The implementation of your survey should be given to people from different backgrounds and ages, which will allow you to make better assessments within different groups using demographic and psychographic details.
Analyze your findings: What were the responses? How many people did you survey?  Use at least 10 participants.
To be included in your summary: What are the age groups of the people you surveyed? What was the highest level of education? You can use any segmenting information by group. How did the responses differ based on demographics and psychographics?
During this course you’ve discussed and read information about different customers that form many trends in the market.  Most businesses will not focus on these mini markets however, when isolated these niche “trends” can develop quite sizable businesses, it’s all about being knowledgeable and understanding expectations of consumers.
To isolate groups within groups, the ability to determine trends and skills focusing on consumer profiles will assist in determining the complexities of today’s consumer in the competitive climate

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Consumer Behavior
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