Contemporary Sports Marketing Issue

It is important for each of us to be aware of and understand the sport marketing related events that are happening locally, nationally, and globally. This assignment consists of researching sources pertaining to local, national, or international content related to sport marketing. Articles can be found in credible journals, newspapers, magazines or broadcast news media sources. The online APUS Library databases contain excellent resources related to sports management. To access the APUS Library databases, click on the “APUS Library” button on the navigation panel on the left side of the screen. The assignment should be completed in Microsoft Word and include a minimum of three (3) resources cited in APA format. This includes the use of a title and reference page.
The purpose of this assignment is to:

Increase your ability to research current issues in sport marketing.
To increase your understanding of a particular area (of your choosing) in sport marketing.
To be able to critically evaluate news articles regarding contemporary issues in sport marketing.

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Contemporary Sports Marketing Issue
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At a minimum, your article should include the following sections:
Topic Summary

In your own words, please provide the name of the article, the publication source, and summarize the content of the article.

Topic Analysis

How does the article relate to sport marketing?
What are the positions held by the people mentioned in the article?
How do you feel about this event/issue?
How does or how could this event affect you?
Can you detect any author bias within the article? In other words, does it appear the author has an agenda? Please explain and use quotes if necessary.


Why is this event of significance? Why should you or I care?
Could this event be part of a larger issue? Explain how it fits.


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