Course name: Business Continuity Plan and Disasater recovery Plan

Initial Post
All discussions are “Post-first- session.  This means, to participate in the discussion session, you must make your main post first.  The initial post  should be original and address the main task of discussion question (DQ).  Main post  should be substantive, academically written with “Concise Expression” ( not to exceed two clear, concise purposeful paragraphs).  In sum, the initial post should entail the following characteristics:

Required task
Concise Expression
APA  formatting (In-text Citation and Reference list)
Grammar and mechanic

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Course name: Business Continuity Plan and Disasater recovery Plan
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Full Participation
Participation in the discussion session requires you to “create a thread in order to view other threads in this forum.” Participation will be heavily graded. To earn full participation, the following is required:

Use concise expression. In 50 or less words, respond to at least two class mates (instructor as well), here you should acknowledge, build, and continue the conversation topic (here you can ask for clarification, provide external references, or share your experiences
Actively post on two separate days – encourage the conversation
Academic writing with APA formatting (In-text Citation and Reference list where necessary)
Be purposeful in all your responses  

What are the substantive posts?
Your responses should be thoughtful, respectful and stimulate further thoughts and discussions. You will be graded on two short (approximately 20 – 50 words) substantive replies. Substantive posts consist of the following three parts (ABC): 


All post should be purposeful and aim to accomplish one or more of the following goal:

Reflection of the topic

Please visit the following for samples of the acceptable discussion post.
1. Substantive post

2. Citations 
APA Citation for Discussion Post –
APA Format: In-Text Citations, Quotations, Paraphrases to Avoid Plagiarism –

Review the Discussion Requirements above. 
Review the Academic Integrity and Plagiarism ( video.  Then research at least two recent articles concerning plagiarism incidents in the news.  The article should be no more than two years old.  Use the issue presented in the article to continue the discussion using the guidelines below.
Identify and discuss the plagiarized issue within the article, then address the following questions in your main discussion post:

In what way did the plagiarized work impact others? 
What was the penalty? 
Present your own advice on how to prevent future plagiarism


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