Create your program/project

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Graded?YesPoints Possible100.0Resubmissions Allowed?No

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Turn-Ins:  “Where Am I?” :

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Create your program/project
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(A)    Create your program/project “Where Am I”  in Android Studio. (hint: MacLean Book Chapter 19 Figure 19-5)

  1.  “Where Am I ” project should use geo coding with Android, and geocoding to a point given the location name. Your project should produce similar screen as Figure 19-5.

(B)    Run on the Emulator
(C)    Run on a real phone (optional)
(D)    Take screenshot(s) of either (B) or (C)
(E)    Put the screenshots in a Word document. Please have a cover sheet with your name and the name of the assignment. Name the file following naming convention “ENTD322Week6Assignment_First_Last.doc”
(F)    Zip your complete project
(G)   Submit the word document (E) and the zip file  (F) as an attachment.
Note: for turn-ins, your project should be done using Android Studio, not Eclipse.

Rubric for Grading AssignmentMaximum PointsWord document40Java program60


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