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Your major assignment for this module will be to compose a Creative Nonfiction piece. This week you’ll be working on your draft which will be due next Monday. Choose one of the options listed below and write a creative nonfiction essay that incorporates themes and evidence from your own experience, class readings, interviews, and research. The aim of this nonfiction is to combine personal introspection with an ability to make connections between your own life and the lives of others. Furthermore, these essays aim to alternate between presenting experience and exploring an idea/event from the past.

 Find a random fact. Write an exploratory essay that is based on research of the history behind this fact, as well as your line of thinking with regards to this fact. For this essay, you will be required to do a substantial amount of research, as well as compose a series of interviews to gain a multitude of perspectives on the subject. 

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Creating Writing
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 Be sure to include three sources that inform the period or place using MLA formatting 


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