criminal law

Chapter 13

Describe the history of juvenile justice.
Discuss the establishment of the juvenile court.
Describe the changes in juvenile justice that began in the 1960s and continue today.
Summarize police processing of juvenile offenders.
Describe the juvenile court process.
Explain the concept of waiver.
Explain the importance of In re Gault.
Describe the juvenile correctional process.

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criminal law
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Chapter 14

List the various forms of terrorism and their goals.
Explain how the USA Patriot Act is designed to combat terrorism.
Discuss mortgage fraud scandal.
Describe various forms of green crime.
Discuss the various forms of cyber crime.
Explain what is being done to thwart cyber criminals.
Discuss the influence of globalization on crime.
Describe the concept of transnational crime.
Recognize some of the most important transnational crime groups.
Tell how law enforcement is taking on transnational criminal syndicates.


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