Crisis Mgt

Choose any ’real-world’ business, organisation or government and you can focus on any type of risk covered in the Unit. For example, you might focus on how a technology company such as Google might face risks related to infrastructure failure or cyber-attack, or how an airline such as Qantas might face risks from volcanic eruptions or severe weather events. If you are unsure what risks to look at, take a look at some of the Unit readings to get an idea or have a look at news websites to see what  risks or problems ‘real-world’ business, organisation or government have faced.
Your report MUST include the following 3 sub-sections:
Introduction (Suggested about, 200 words) Briefly justify why you have chosen your ‘real-world’ business, organisation or government. Please draw on relevant practice literature (e.g. company websites, reports or Press coverage). You are not required to include references to academic readings in your introduction.
Risk Identification (Suggested about, 500 words) Drawing upon academic literature and practice literature explain how you have identified the 2 key risks that face your selected ‘real-world’ business/company, organisation or government?
Recommendations (Suggested about, 500 words) Drawing upon academic literature make 2 key recommendations as to how you would better deal with the 2 keys risks identified. So in other words, you have in total 2 recommendations/solutions. 1 for the first key risk identified and then another 1 for the next key risks identified.

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Crisis Mgt
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