Critical Thinking

PHIL110 Critical Thinking – SPS CUNY

Unit 2 Discussion Assignment Argument Reconstruction and a GIFT

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Critical Thinking
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Step 1. Read the dialogue (below) and the additional linked resources. How would you continue

this dialogue? What would you say? Give your response on the value of a college education and

the outlook of future job prospects.

Then reconstruct one (or more) simple arguments from this dialogue (could be Hiro’s, Angie’s or

your own) using standard form (P1, P2, Pn …/C). Identify (or add) appropriate premise

indicators and conclusion indicators in your reconstructed argument format.

Then write a paragraph in which do the following:

• Explain why this is an argument What’s the rhetorical purpose?

• Tell us what type of connections do you see (if any) between the premises and the


Post your initial reconstructed argument, your explanation and continued dialogue response on

the DB. Then come back and following the instructions for Step 2 and Step 3.


Hiro: I’ve decided that I’m going to withdraw from school because it’s really hard to keep up

with school work, it’s expensive and besides I want to get married to my girlfriend. I know I’m

only 20, but I also feel like I’m not learning anything useful. I think I’d be better off trying to

get a full time job.

Angie: I disagree. Education can give you options for the future. If you have qualifications you

can get different jobs, better promotions, and people take you more seriously. So you really

ought to get your college degree.

Hiro: Well, my uncle finished high school, got married at 18, and he is doing just fine. He’s

got three kids, drives a bus, gets a good salary and he enjoys life. He told me that not going to

college and starting a career early was the best thing he could have done.


Additional resources for your review:

• How necessary is college education.

PHIL110 Critical Thinking – SPS CUNY

• Unemployment rates for college grads.


Give a Gift of an ‘Argument Map’

Step 2. Read through your classmates’ posts on the Discussion Forum. Select one (1) and

visually represent that argument, using MS Word or Google Doc for simple argument mapping.

Be sure to represent each of the premises, their relationship to each other; and the conclusion on

your argument map. I’ve attached a sample of what it could look like.

Step 3. When you are done, copy and paste your argument map directly into the Discussion

Forum reply post and respond to your classmates with this ‘gift’. Be sure to check if someone

mapped your argument, and posted it as a ‘gift’. When you receive an argument map gift

yourself from someone, be sure to comment on it (you can thank them, agree or disagree with the

way they represented your argument, and suggest any additional pieces or connections that might

be missing).

Recommendations for Success and Grading Criteria:

• Respond to the assignment with clear and detailed answers, organized thoughts.

• Follow all assignment prompts and answers all prompt questions.

• Incorporate relevant examples and evidence to support claims.

• Write clearly and without errors a well-composed answer and post it on time.

• Respond to other students with interesting comments and follow-up questions. Acknowledge all students who commented on your post.

  1. Applied Sciences
  2. Architecture and Design
  3. Biology
  4. Business & Finance
  5. Chemistry
  6. Computer Science
  7. Geography
  8. Geology
  9. Education
  10. Engineering
  11. English
  12. Environmental science
  13. Spanish
  14. Government
  15. History
  16. Human Resource Management
  17. Information Systems
  18. Law
  19. Literature
  20. Mathematics
  21. Nursing
  22. Physics
  23. Political Science
  24. Psychology
  25. Reading
  26. Science
  27. Social Science

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