Critique Individual

For Assessment 1 (Part B) please focus on the following tasks:

Each student requires to “Critique” an original post (Part A) of 2 other students/peers.
Each critique should be a maximum of 250 words. Overall Assessment 1 (Part B) should be 500 words. Please make sure to highlight the authors of the chosen posts as well.
Your Critique should include “commentary” on:

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Critique Individual
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Whether the original post is holistic or not?
Identify missing components (if any) and provide “constructive” feedback.
Have all the plausible consequences been identified?
Have “Systems Thinking” tools been used and used properly? Please provide a critique of these tools and their use in solving the identified problem.

Please note the following information:

This assessment is designed to create robust discussion around “Systems Thinking” with your peers. Please feel free to post more than what is specified to broaden your understanding and appreciation of the topic.
While presenting your views, you are required to support claims either with the relevant experience or with the published literature. This includes journal articles, relevant website links, news article, magazines or text from related books.
The views could be supporting comments or they may be a contradiction, but you need to provide appropriate justification as specified above.
If referring to published literature to support stated views, you are required to provide a relevant reference (and citation) in the response. If you can provide appropriate articles to support the opinion, it will be valued considerably. Please keep in mind that for referencing we focus on APA 6th Edition Referencing Style Guide.
Along with actively participating in the discussions, it is equally important to provide responses, which are relevant and add value to the discussion. The quality of response will be considered as one of the most important criteria for evaluating students in Assessment 1, Part B.
Once you have a good understanding of the task, then you need to post your work in the Assessment 1 (Part B) Discussion Forum Thread.
Please make sure to review the Assessment 1 (Part A and Part B) Rubric in the Assessment brief document.


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