Cross Cultural Business Issues

Word count: 1,750 to 2,000 words excluding bibliography.

Format: Business Report: neutral tone, spell/grammar checked

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Cross Cultural Business Issues
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Title: Choose an NGO/Real Estate developer/Sports Facility that is considering international expansion. This organisation is wishing to expand internationally and needs to determine and analyse factors that will favour (or not) expanding to this region. The organization is diverse in nature. Create a business report that includes the following 5 sections in which you answer what factors should be considered in the organisation’s decision about whether to carry out this international expansion or not.

Part a: Executive Summary (max 1 page)

Part b: Background

Describe layout of the report

Describe the organization its mission, vision and values

Part c: The chosen country

The state of the nation

Potential cross-cultural issues (in light of the organization’s policy and strategy, vision and mission, ethics, human resources (HR) management, marketing management and finance issues relating to a choice to locate in this country).

The social, technological, economic, environmental, political, legal, ethical, and security issues that the organisation may face

Part d: Discussion, Conclusions and recommendations

Part e: Bibliography minimum six references must be provided using the Harvard referencing system.


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