For this assignment, following APA style ver 7.0, please refer to ‘Guide to Case Analysis’ and be sure to conduct a COMPLETE analysis, not just answer questions.

 TITLE: Look at the issues related to modular building practices from your particular perspective:

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 Group 1: (Innovative Sustainable Living) – Please, look at the attached document (Business and Sustainability: New Business History Perspectives) and familiarize yourself with the general concept of Sustainability.  Then look at the ISLPORTAL.COM and note the significance of the company.  Based on these preliminary steps and your own research into the concept of sustainable communities, compose a case study about the subject.


 When reviewing the case, ensure you do a complete analysis and submit your analysis following APA style and formatting.

 Case Study Rubrics

 Business and Sustainability New Business History Perspectives.pdf Business and Sustainability New Business History Perspectives.


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