Cultural Diversity & Evaluation.

Cultural Diversity & Evaluation.


Otherwise, a person would not show readiness to share information and would not desire to cooperate. In the worst scenario, a person can be offended by thoughtless actions or questions of a consultant. Therefore, explaining in details the nature of relationships between the client and the counselor as well as the essence of the whole procedure is the must.

Moreover, I agree that a truly committed and ethical professional can never allow personal norms, values, and bias to prevent him/her from meeting client’s needs and offering one the best services and help possible. For this purpose, it is essential for a counsellor to be aware of personal worldviews, assumptions, and values, but regard them as only one out of many possible perspectives to evaluate the reality. Thereof, staying sensitive and accepting diverse cultural backgrounds is a required and substantial step towards achieving positive outcomes.

The issue raised is relevant today as far as it is a well-known fact that the world’s population is ageing. Subsequently, there is a considerable need in both specialists working with the older population as well as in the effective strategies that would help to improve the state of health and the quality of life of this group of the general population. Consequently, the need in consulting psychologists is great since they can help to cope with mental issues and emotional problems that often follow the process of growing old.

In this context, it is true that the appropriate collection of clinical data is essential for deciding upon the most appropriate interventions and strategies of responding to the variety of issues an old person can face. Therefore, it is irrelevant to disregard the need and benefits of data collection, especially when there are no real obstacles to the process.


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