Customer Retention Article Analysis

Customer retention is key in maintaining a successful business. The cost of gaining a new customer is much greater than the cost of keeping one satisfied. Today’s customer expects availability, accessibility and accountability as there are many technologies available that should allow a business to offer all three.
Part I:
Locate an online article related to customer retention and customer satisfaction, which provides an example of the importance of these topics in business today.
Briefly summarize the article, relating it to specific information discussed in your text. Identify how the practices of the business are addressing the customer expectations of availability, accessibility and accountability. Address how the needs of the twenty-first century are being met by the points in the article.
Part II:
The second part of the paper should include the following:

Your assessment of how customer satisfaction and retention are related and need to be valued in regards to business processes.
Support your finding with examples of your own personal experiences into your assessment of this topic
Relate your assessment to the information discussed in your text in regards to this topic.

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Customer Retention Article Analysis
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Note: If you do not include your opinion, the paper WILL NOT be graded.
The paper should be 1-2 pages in length, double spaced with a font size not larger than 12 point, New Times Roman.
Correct APA formatting is required, including proper references and in-text citations.


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