data analytics

Assignment 1: The Big Picture.  A 1-page general description of your business (in APA format).  Describe the topic (the business) for which you will collect data and perform analytics? 
Whom is your customer?
Where will you get the data? 
Remember, you are in some facet of the Data Analytics business.  You analyze data and you sell predictions of some sort.
What ideas do you have?  
See the link in WEEK 1 MODULE with 10 samples of Data Analytics business and also some prior projects that other students invented. 
Upload your MS-word document here.
Do NOT download something from Google – such as a description of someone else’s business.  You are creating brand new start-up of your own!
Also ….do not just just “educate” me in some topic ….tell the story of your proposed brand-new data analytics business.  I am looking for you today “My data analytics business will do X and will get data from Y and will analyze that data and sell predictions to Z” or something along those lines.  Do you understand?
Here are some samples of things you are NOT going to write about:

selling computers
creating a food-delivery business
starting an Amazon-related product business 

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