Data Analytics in Business Worksheet

Question 1Go to the INFORMS website, pick one of the examples, and write about one challenge it
faced and how it used analytics to address a business issue.
Using any of these sites (or others), try to find a data set containing box office revenues
of movies.
Were you able to find one? If so, what did you do? How easy or difficult was it? If not,
why not? What made it difficult to find?
Question 2
the following two statements:
“The tax cut will lead to a mean tax reduction of $4000.”
“The tax cut will lead to a median tax reduction of $4000.”
How do you think the two tax cuts will differ from one another?
Question 3
Select one of the companies shown in the image. You can think of the number shown
as the number of rows in a data set owned by that company. What are some of the
relevant metrics that might be columns in that data set?
YouTube has 4,333,560 viewers. The metrics used in YouTube is viewership metrics.
The metrics show the views that YouTube receives from its customers in a period of

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Data Analytics in Business Worksheet
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