Based on the given block data below, answer the following questions.
Hint: First do Google search for ‘packet dump decode’. Then cut and paste the block of data below into the input data section. Then press decode. You will be able to find the answer from the decoding result.
For the payload of the application layer, take the last few bytes in ASCII. It’s not in the packet dump, because it is not a part of header. You can use the ASCII character table to manually convert them. If you understanding the layer 4 destination port #, you understand what it is asking for. There is only one kind of information for the port #.
Data block to be decoded:
00 11 bc b5 49 40 b8 8d  12 00 0d fa 08 00 45 00
00 37 99 09 00 00 ff 11  ea 9f 0a 07 03 1a 42 aa
e8 41 c7 19 00 35 00 23  a3 9e 02 90 01 00 00 01
00 00 00 00 00 00 05 6d  69 74 72 65 03 6f 72 67
00 00 01 00 01           
Please answer the following questions after decoded the above data block:
Q1: (Layer 4) Protocol is:
Q2: Source MAC address: 
Q3: Destination MAC address:
Q4: Source IP address:
Q5: Destination IP address: 
Q6: Source (Layer 4) Port #:
Q7: Destination (Layer 4) Port # :
Q8: (Application Layer) Payload description:

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