Discuss the representation of social and/or sexual differences in any one or two films by Bergman.

Discuss the representation of social and/or sexual differences in any one or two films by Bergman.


tal due to the influential nature of society on individuals and/ group of people in terms of their interaction, mind-set/ perspectives, reaction and social relations. This paper will discuss the representation of social and sexual differences in Summer with Monica film by Bergman.

The surrounding environment it is portrayed has fundamental influence on individuals, shaping their future lives and destinies. In the cast, there is utility of picturesque environments as the backdrop of the themed freedom, romance and adventure, which are core to youthful life and socialization. This is juxtaposed against the dark, thankless, unfair and difficult urban life, as represented by daily life in the city of Stockholm. Various sexual connotations are intricately displayed especially as part of youthful adventure and romance, with social contexts being portrayed by the prevailing adult life, responsibility and need for personal development and success (Bergman).

Summer with Monica by Ingmar Bergman is his twelfth film and the best known of the films he made that reflects issues of social and sexual differences in society. The film tells the tale of Monika, who is a young, working-class girl, in the city of Stockholm. It portrays her falling in love with Harry, a lower middle class, clerk working for a thankless boss. On the one hand, Monika works at a grocery store, living with her parents, in a crowded space. On the other, Harry lives with his widowed father, in a silent and tense atmosphere, informed by the fact that his father is critically ill and thus detached from society. Monica has little capacity for human sensitivity, perhaps influenced by her brawling and heavy drinking parents. though is able to radiate aspiration, sensuality and adventure (Bergman).

Harry is undoubtedly an unhappy, unworldly personality, who suffers in his not only workplace, but also private life.


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