Discussion 1

Week 1 Discussion

This week we will begin our study of counseling theories by taking an in-depth look at Psychoanalysis.  Psychoanalytic theory, originally created by Sigmund Freud, was the first organized theory in the counseling profession and served as a catalyst for the other theoretical orientations that we will discuss during this term.  Freud’s impact on the counseling profession is enormous and although psychoanalysis has given way to more ‘talk-oriented’ counseling, its impact on the history of counseling is immeasurable.

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Discussion 1
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For the purposes of this week’s discussion, in 350-400 words you need to compare and contrast  two  of the following psychoanalytic theorists:

Sigmund Freud

Anna Freud

Erik Erikson

Donald Winnicott

Otto Kernberg

Heinz Kohut

In your discussion post, you need to address the following:  similarities, differences, view of the client, view of the counselor, and goals of counseling.  

Use APA format.  Pay particular attention to your references and your in-text citations.   In addition, watch your sentence structure carefully and avoid using contractions in your writing. 

6.  Avoid the use of direct quotes when citing outside sources for your assignments (including the course text).   

7.  Avoid the use of slang.  If you feel the need to italicize something, underline something, bold font something, or use “quotation marks” it probably does not belong in your assignment.

8.  Before hitting the ‘submit’ button, please run your spell check and reread your work. 


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