Discussion 10

Relying on the work that you have completed for the final project, create a 3-to-5 minute video or presentation (with audio) that provides an executive brief of your analysis of higher education’s response to a law or regulation completed as your final project.

To create the video or audio presentation, use a freely available online tool that will allow you to upload images, notes, and audio tracks, as you prefer. Some options include:

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Discussion 10
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As is the case with the final project, the intended audience for this video or presentation is a group of aspiring leaders in higher education. The goal of the video or presentation is to provide the audience with information they would need to improve decision making. Members of the group have five to 10 years of mid-level experience (chair, director, etc.) and are preparing for senior-level positions.

Mirroring the Executive Brief section of the final project, the content of the video or presentation should include:

  • A description of the requirement
  • A summary of its impact
  • A summary of its effectiveness relative to its intent; and
  • Your recommendations for improvement.

Post a link to your executive brief presentation in the discussion topic no later than Thursday of Module Ten.

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