Discussion 2-2

o begin this discussion board post M 2 – 2, I would like to ask you to identify a specific topic related to your field that you view as important or exigent (in the sense that it requires immediate attention). Specify what that topic is, and take about 3 – 4 sentences to explain to other class members—who are likely non-experts—why this issue matters to professionals and experts in your major(Economics).
Once you provide this background information, please articulate your own view on this issue. Again, with your level of knowledge, you may be able to write for pages on this matter, so strive to keep this section of your response to 3 – 5 sentences. Strive to provide reasons and/or evidence for why you believe what you believe on this matter.
Finally, select a close friend or family member, preferably the same individual whom you will include in Section 4 of your Slide Presentation. Imagine you are going to try to persuade this person to adopt your own perspective on this matter. Knowing this person like you do, explain whether you should compose an argument that features an appeal to logos, ethos, or pathos. Please take 3 – 4 sentences to complete this portion of the discussion board. Note: If you prefer to give your close friend or family member a pseudonym, that’s perfectly understandable. 

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Discussion 2-2
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