Discussion 4

Initial Post
Part 1: Choose one of the articles below and read it:

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Stars Negotiating New Contracts
Drew Brees Contract
The Star Wars Negotiations and Trust at the Negotiation Table
In The Simpsons Dealmaking, Harry Shearer Goes Public

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Discussion 4
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Share your thoughts on the questions below. Research is not required, but if you represent the thoughts, ideas, words, or images of others, be sure to give credit and cite your sources by indicating the author, date, title, and website link where this information was found.
Discuss the following: 

What do you think are the key negotiating points from the article?
Who do you think had the upper hand in the negotiations? Why?
What was the result or what do you think the result will be?

Part 2: Read: 10 Things to Know about Negotiations 

Which of the top 10 items do you think is important in a negotiation? Explain why.
What is BATNA and why is it important?


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