What are the different steps a manager can take to motivate their employees? Do you lack motivation at your job, why or why not? 
Remember to reply to, two of your classmates post. Your response should be thorough. 

Classmate 1:
There are many ways a manager can motivate their employees. One way is by giving the employee a sense of purpose. When the employee feels they have a purpose in the company, then they fit in more. Another way a manager can motivate their employees is by rewarding hardworking behavior. For example, if a manager gives recognition to a diligent employee, not only will that employee continue to strive, but other employees will also. 
I don’t lack motivation at work because my employer always gives me new, refreshing tasks.  He always encourages us, asks if we are well, and compliments our accomplishments in the office. He is very understanding, easy to talk to, and is always in good spirits even if things don’t look so good.

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Classmate 2:
 It is all about perception.  The way an employee sees their manager is very important.  If the manager is, negative, emotional and discouraging, their employees pick that up energy and work in the same way.  It is not necessary to become the employees “best friend” but the manager can communicate trust and appreciation through their actions and way of leading.  Communication is very important.  If they have “problem employees”, they should speak to them to see if there is a deeper issue with that one employee and express their support where needed.  Considering it only takes one person to drag down a team, it is vital that the manager address the concern immediately because it can affect the team.  Employees should feel empowered in their work environment.  Give them the opportunity to opine and feel as if their contribution makes a difference.  Recognizing an employee’s efforts and implement a reward system is another step to motivate employees.  It is not necessary to reward all the time to the point that the employee then expects it, but the manager can balance the reward system and make it something to look forward to. 


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