Answer these questions from the readings below ( See attachments) 
Discussion board answers should be 200-500 words.
(don’t count the questions‘ words) 

From Alexander reading: 
( see images below with “Alexander” name  )

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What were common characteristics of the 19th century History Museum?
What has changed or how have these types of museums evolved?
There are eight ‘Challenges’ presented in the Alexander reading that History Museums face. Choose one challenge and write a response. Look to the websites of the museums presented in the reading for research to help craft a response.
Have the role or function of botanical gardens changed much since the earliest models?
More recently zoos are seen as conservation facilities. What are some concerns facing today’s zoos?
Are Childrens Museums museums?

From TedX talks:
Campbell : https://www.ted.com/talks/thomas_p_campbell_weaving_narratives_in_museum_galleries

Campbell describes the Met as what kind of museum?
He describes what exhibitions and why?
What is his background/training?

MacGregor : https://www.ted.com/talks/neil_macgregor_2600_years_of_history_in_one_object

 MacGregor discusses an object and its multiple interpretations through history—what is the significance of this object today?

From Macdonald reading:
( PDF) 

Macdonald gives one clear example of a curator working within an institution who successfully expressed a ‘transcultural identity’ through collections and exhibitions. How did the curator, Poovaya Smith, do this?


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