Answer these questions in 250-500 word:

From Alexander:
see attachment ( word dec) 

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How is interpretation defined by Alexander and what makes it also educational? 

From Mining the Museum: 
see attachments ( PDF) 

What is a “dilemma label” and what is its purpose?
Give two examples of “revisionist readings” of collections used in the text. Use examples that are museum-initiated examples. Include where they happened, when, and how they are considered revisionist.
Give two examples of artist-initiated projects that critique museums and demonstrate that the context of art works is inseparable from the meaning of art works.
Why do you think Fred Wilson’s Mining the Museum (1993) was a success? Give one example.

From Golden video:

What kind of art interests Golden; what was one of her first exhibitions?
How does she define the term ‘post-black’?


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