Discussion Board assignment

You must Read Willimon chapters 5 & 6  Read Johnson and VanVonderen chapters 11,12 & 13 to complete this discussion.

In this week’s reading we, again, are faced with a contrast. Willimon speaks of being a faithful interpreter and communicator of Scripture. Johnson, in contrast, discusses the problem of “straining out gnats” in one’s application of Scripture for the purpose of building up one’s own position rather than building up the other person.
First, briefly summarize what Willimon explains about interpreting/communicating Scripture. Second, briefly explain the problem of “straining gnats” as Seamands discusses it. Finally, discuss how “straining gnats” is undercut and prevented by being a faithful interpreter of Scripture.
Turabian Bibliography style format with footnotes in the text. You do not need to add the bibliography on the last page just cite the page numbers throughout the document with the source & footnotes.

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Discussion Board assignment
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