Discussion : Business Objectives versus Security Objectives

NOTE: 1 day – Discussion must have 2 paragraphs

Discussion : Business Objectives versus Security Objectives
Refer to this week’s readings and your research to discuss business objectives versus security objectives. Which is more important—the needs of the business or needs for security? Discuss the areas in which the goals are complimentary or in opposition. If possible, share your own experience to illustrate your position.
Include at least two scholarly, academic resources to support your post. Cite your resources using current APA style and format. 

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Discussion : Business Objectives versus Security Objectives
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Response Guidelines
Review the posts of other learners. Respond to two learners who presented different views than your own. Consider the following prompts to frame your response. Feel free to extend the discussion into other areas to further explore course concepts.
·  Areas in which you agree or disagree. Support your position with literature or examples.
·  Areas in which the other learner’s position supports or contradicts your own position.
·  Your own experience that either supports or refutes their position.
Read and respond by providing comments and questions that encourage critical thinking and insight. Your response should extend the discussion and stimulate other learners to clarify, strengthen, and extend their dialogue.


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