Discussion Mini project

Select an organized crime of your interest. Mine is the (Latin Kings Gang) It is preferred that you research an organized crime that was NOT discussed in our chapters and that is from our State, City, or County. The purpose of researching a “new” organized crime is to bring light/awareness to those organized crimes that are currently developing. 
Once you have selected your organized crime, research, and answer EACH of the questions below. Provide the outline below in a word document and submit to this assignment by July 23rd, 2020 9:00 am.  
What to include in your Week 3 project:

Name of the gang
Describe their location(s)
Describe their mission
Explain its origin. Where they originated from.
Describe their ranking system
Describe their methods of operation
Describe their initiation process
Describe how they are funded
Describe their financial worth/assets
Describe it members to include the number of members in their organization

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Discussion Mini project
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Signs/hand signs/flags

Describe their impact on the community/school
Provide an intervention measure
Provide a suppression/destruction measure
Provide a preventative measure
What resources/incentives would you offer to the community to obtain their cooperation?


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