discussion plus statistics assignement

Drawing and citing from Chapters 7 and 8 in your Program Evaluation for Social Workers e-book, describe the program theory and create a logic model of a social work program. It could be one from you own work or internship experience, a program at which you are interested in working or interning in the future, or one described in an academic journal.

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discussion plus statistics assignement
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2. .Respond to Brandi ” According to Grinnell, Gabor and Unrau 2016, the program theory forms an idea on how individuals believe change will or does occur within a program.  It helps to explain how and why a program will be expected to be successful. A program theory helps to be able to create a logic model that provides a descriptive framework for a program and how it supposed to be evaluated.  This provides individuals the opportunity to be aware of the planned work and intended results. Having a Program Logic Model is important for the program and the improvement. They are based on theory of change model (Grinnell, Gabor and Unrau 2016).  The model aims to be able to provide a clear roadmap of the program with evaluations based on goals and objectives.Social Work Program Logic Model. I have did an internship with a company that help different school systems to lower there suicide rates among young with creating different programs. The company that I interned for had different programs goals, and plans in each branch to help suicide among youth.  Each individual within the company were expected to be able to implement the programs in order for the company to be successful. In order to reassure this program is able to achieve goals that have been set a metric system is used to measure the success rate of the program.  This allows individuals to be able to see how fast the employers ae able to maintain their goals and the results of it. It also will allow the company to be to assess the performance and make changes where needed. The input would be trained school staff within each district. The activity of the program is to provide school aged children with different resources for suicide preventation. The output would be having more stakeholders within the community to stop suicide among youth.  Out of 40 individuals per training class 95 % are successful with there results.

Reference           Grinnell, R.M., Jr. Gabor, P.A.,& Unrau, Y.A. (2016).  Programs evaluation for social workers: Foundation of evidence-based programs (7th ed.).  Oxford University Press.


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