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 The traits: Sensitive (Avoidant Personality Disorder), Conscientious (Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder) and Devoted (Dependent Personality Disorder)  correspond with which PDs (on that page)? Read the characteristics of those 3 traits (first page of each corresponding chapter in NPSP) and then compare those traits to the symptoms listed in the DSM for the corresponding PDs (those are in a separate module if you need to reference them). Upon doing so think to yourself, “how does a normal trait become pathological?” Attempt to explain in the post how these personality traits exist is normal and productive fashion and what might happen that pushes these traits past the sense of normalcy into the “pathological” zone? Would someone who scores high in one of these traits be more likely to develop the corresponding PD, why or why not? What might be some protective factors and risk factors? If you have these personality traits what might you do to keep yourself grounded so that these traits do not become too extreme? If the traits do become extreme how does that affect the person’s daily functioning?  

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Discussion Post
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