Discussion Post T3-DQ2

You are the physician-owner of a group practice of five-physicians; the other four doctors are employees of the practice. You have decided to become more aggressive about growing the organization by distinguishing the quality of the care it provides from that of other physician practices.
You have several questions to answer:

How will you define the quality that you want to promote?
How will you measure the quality that the group offers in comparison with competing practices?
Exactly what data will you use?

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Discussion Post T3-DQ2
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Assuming that you see some value in improving the level of quality, at what points in the practice’s operations will you address the issue? (Hint: Think in terms of the practice value chain.) Suggest some examples of changes you might want to make and explain how you will know when your practice’s quality is distinctive enough to give you an advantage over your competitors. Discuss how you will promote that distinction to your patients and prospective patients. In replies to peers, discuss whether you agree with the strategy assessment provided and justify your response.

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minimum 200 words


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