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For this assignment your treatment plan should include  the following:
Read the Case Study

Summary of the professional’s conclusions related to       the client including the reason for referral and highlights of the       assessment. Definition of the problem discussed in terms of those  that are immediate, underlying, and working or long-term. Recommendations for a plan of action, including goals  that have been agreed upon with the client along with suggested times for follow-up

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Due Friday by 3 pm
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Your treatment plan goals need to  be measurable and labeled as short-term or long-term. They should connect  together to achieve an ultimate action. For example, you might work with a client  whose final goal is to resume shared custody of his child. This is clearly a  long-term initiative that will require steps for completion. Perhaps the client  needs to find safer housing and maintain stable employment. These would be  considered two short-term goals to help meet the long-term one. Each part of  the overall goal should be broken down into smaller, more manageable pieces. 
Each goal should consist of the  following:

A measurable action labeled as short-term or long-term
Specific actions necessary to meet the goal
Possible resources available to carry out the goal
Projected dates to complete the action
Additional parties that might be needed to help complete the goal


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