Due Sunday 7.26.2020 @ 9PM EST

1. What would the ICD code (DSM-5) be for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder if the presentation was Predominantly hyperactive and many symptoms were in excess of those required to make the diagnosis resulting in marked impairment in social or occupational functioning?

2. Briefly describe the typical course of Autism Spectrum Disorder and some of it’s functional consequences.
3. Charles Manson gained infamy in 1969 after allegedly orchestrating the murders of and Actress, Sharon Tate, four of her friends and, the next night, the LaBianca’s, wealthy grocery store chain owners. After having watched the two videos about Charles Manson that were posted in Course content, as accurately as you can, try and determine any possible diagnosis for Manson. Don’t forget to consider his childhood/adolescence. You do not need to do a treatment plan or include the cross-cutting measurements. Just a diagnosis and justification for diagnosis.

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Due Sunday 7.26.2020 @ 9PM EST
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