E Marketing -4

 Your company is a Mom & Pop establishment that has been in business for three generations.  The owners, an elderly couple have realized that in order to attract more customers, they need to have an online presence. The business produces custom-made guitars . They need someone to develop their website for them and also manage it. You have been hired to do so.

Should you find out what kind of volume (i.e., # of customers per month) they are expecting their website to bring in? Why?
Should you be concerned if they can handle such volume? Why?
As an IT person, should you spend time with them to find out what the entire custom guitar-making process entails? Why?

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E Marketing -4
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4 (a). As you work on the website, what are some IT related concerns you may have and why?
(b) What are some marketing concerns you may have and why?

The owners have heard the terms “SEO” and “keywords”.  However, they have no idea what they mean and why they are relevant. Explain the terms and their relevance to them as simply as you can.


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