Communication Skills – E Portfolio
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E-Portfolio (20 points) – Outcome 1 – Due: Tues. July 14 by 11:59pm

This e-portfolio assessment is designed to be used as both a learning tool and as a professional portfolio that you can include in your resume or applications for jobs. You want to begin developing your portfolio ideas during Week 3, even though it is not due until Week 8. In this assignment you are asked to choose any three of the four HRMN 302 course outcomes and reflect on your learning in our class.
There are two distinct parts to this assignment. The first is your reflective ideas about your learning for three of the four course goals. The second is the actual creation of the E-portfolio on the Google Site. There is a partially completed portfolio provided for you at the very end of these instructions.
For directions on how to create an E-portfolio/Google Site go to url https://goo.gl/pIMkbu

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The four course outcomes for HRMN 302 are:

Apply appropriate communication media and methods to various situational needs in organizational settings.
Apply communication theories to organizational communication challenges.
Recognize and respond constructively to cultural differences in communication.
Analyze and assess the communication dynamics of an organization through the completion of a communication audit.

Once your portfolio site is created, follow the specific instructions below.
Begin with an Introduction page, develop at least one page for each of the three outcomes you’ve selected. Be sure to include a Reference page at the end.
You will have a minimum of 5 pages. 
On each outcome page:

Provide the specific course outcome you’ve selected.
Explain in your own words and 1-2 paragraphs how each outcome relates to what you have learned in class.
Post one artifact for each outcome (video, paper, chart, or any type of file you wish to use) and that demonstrates your mastery of each outcome. NOTE: the artifacts do not have to be newly created. You can use work you’ve developed previously.
Explain, in detailed sentences and approx. 2-3 paragraphs how each artifact relates to the course outcome.

Here is an example of a partially completed portfolio:
To Submit Your E-Portfolio for Grading:
Copy and paste your E-Portfolio url into a word document. Then post your 1 page word document to the assignment folder Communication Skills- E Portfolio 
Due DateJul 14, 2020 11:59 PMHide Rubrics
Rubric Name: Communication Skills E-Portfolio
This table lists criteria and criteria group name in the first column. The first row lists level names and includes scores if the rubric uses a numeric scoring method.CriteriaMissing0 pointsBeginning4 pointsDeveloping4.667 pointsAccomplished5.334 pointsExemplary6.6667 pointsCriterion ScoreThree outcomes
The portfolio is missing three or more of the following:
course outcome 1, 2, or 3, one page for each outcome, an introduction
with the students name, citations
The portfolio is missing two of the following: course
outcome 1, 2, or 3, one page for each
outcome, an introduction with the students name, citations
The portfolio is missing one of the following: course
outcome 1, 2 or 3, one page for each outcome, an introduction with the students name, citations
Portfolio includes: three course outcomes, one
page for each outcome, an introduction with a title and student’s name, citations
/ 6.6667Content addresses the outcome
Portfolio is missing written content to explain each of the three outcomes or uses artifacts that do
not relate to the outcomes.
Portfolio content needs some clarification and a better
approach. Written details are provided. Content may be in a list and missing details to explain.
Portfolio features some discussion of key summary points, but requires some minor clarification. page content is not as logical or professionally presented as it should be
Portfolio provides details to fully describe the outcome as it relates to what was learned in class. content and format are logical and professional; appropriate amount of information is presented on each page
/ 6.6667Mechanics
Presentation has 4 or more typographical or grammatical errors; errors detract from the overall message
Presentation has three or less typographical or grammatical errors; errors do not detract from the overall message
There may be some errors in the amount of information presented on each slide; presentation
includes two typographical errors at most
There are no grammatical errors; proper formatting
is used throughout the presentation
/ 6.6667


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