Easy Sociology questions-1000 words

1. In your opinion, how is social media changing the political process in the United States? Is the change good or bad? Why?
2. On balance, do you think the explosion of social media has made our society better? In what ways? In what ways has social media made social life worse?
3. Have we given social media too much power over our lives?
4. Do you identify with Lacie from “Nosedive”? Explain. 
5. “Does Lacie get what she really wants at the end of ‘Nosedive?’” Use evidence from the episode to support your point of view.
6. With the use of social media: do you think people have already altered the way that they behave and present themselves?
7. Why are so many people from the president to the local high school student concerned about how others view them?
8. How has social media helped you during this time of “social distancing”?
9. What have been the negatives of social media during “social distancing”?

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Easy Sociology questions-1000 words
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