EDCO 745 LU Statistics Gender as A Moderator of Bodily Shame Poster

Poster Assignment – Dr. Alex Castee

      the link attached will tell you more about this week’s assignment week 7 draft.

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EDCO 745 LU Statistics Gender as A Moderator of Bodily Shame Poster
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EDCO 745
Scholarly dissemination is essential for any doctoral level student. Posters are often a way
to ease into scholarly communication. Building a poster is one of the ways scholars
participate in the dissemination of knowledge.
1. Your poster submission must have a central focus, as developed from the topic selected
in Module 2, and that focus must be evident throughout the poster. Specifically, your
introduction, analysis, and results must be focused on a set of research questions and/or
hypotheses that are obvious in your theoretical diagram.
2. The focus must comprehensively place the problem/question in appropriate scholarly
context (scholarly literature, theory, model, or genre).
3. All elements of method/techniques must be articulated in some way (i.e., graph or
4. Interpretation is explicitly linked to a theoretical framework or scholarly model.
5. Implications, consequences, and/or questions raised by the project must be thoroughly
6. Limitations must be fully articulated.
7. Presentation of the material must be professional and compelling.
See Research Poster Examples for examples.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


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