Effects of Vehicle Characteristics on CO2 Emission Research Paper

Project BackgroundThroughout this course, you will be working as a researcher performing exploratory data analysis (EDA)
and basic statistical modeling to provide a secondary analysis research paper. This project is to be
performed individually and not in a group. Your paper should be written as if it will be submitted for
publication in an academic journal, with professional writing using appropriate terminology and formatted
according to the American Psychological Association Style Guidelines (7th Edition) for a professional
Utilize the APA Style Guide Resources in Course Resources, as you will be graded on
statistical content, academic writing, originality of work, and APA style.
These project documents provide the description, instructions, and related details that are also listed
further below:

Research Project and Final Paper – Instructions

Research Project and Final Paper – Scoring Rubric

Research Paper Template
a starting template.
for requirements.
for grading criteria.
as a sample paper. The placeholder text can be deleted to use as
Research Objective
The objective of this analysis is to statistically investigate the association of primary fuel tailpipe carbon
dioxide emissions in grams per mile to annual primary-fuel petroleum consumption in barrels after
controlling for combined miles-per-gallon for the primary fuel type, vehicle manufacturer, make, engine
displacement, engine cylinders, combined luggage and passenger volume in cubic feet, vehicle type,
transmission type, and primary fuel type.
Source Data

Vehicle data has been obtained from FuelEconomy.gov Web Services as an unzipped CSV file
that has been adjusted in Microsoft Excel for student use. This file is linked below and includes
the raw CSV data, live adjusted data, and data dictionary:

Students are to use the [vehicles_workingfile] worksheet in the
ads500a_data.xlsx file for this project.
“The Find a Car vehicle table contains fuel economy information for 1984-current model year
vehicles [through December 2, 2020]” (U.S. Department of Energy, 2020).

U.S. Department of Energy. (2020, December). FuelEconomy.gov web services.
Journal Assignment 1.1: Research Project – Step I
This journal assignment is the first step toward your final project; please follow the instructions below. This
journal is an area for you to perform and record progress as you apply the module lessons to your work.
Sections of the paper drafted each week and uploaded to this journal are not read or evaluated by your
For this module, complete the following items for Step 1:

Introduction: One paragraph providing background and contextualizing the problem and
importance of the study, including potential, and practical implications
Methodology: One paragraph discussing the population characteristics (makes / engine sizes /
Methodology: One paragraph with an accompanying table outlining the descriptive statistics
associated with key characteristics, inclusive of blank/null values, which will be discussed for
removal within Module 2.
Research Project – Step II
After reading the research project instructions, complete the following as part of Step II:

One visualization appropriate for a primary characteristic accompanied by an explanatory and
interpretive paragraph
One paragraph explaining the provided probability density function for CO2 emissions (see curve
fitting on project GitHub); properly including one of the visualizations provided, as well as the
actual mathematical formula
Based on Module discussions surrounding the removal of blank/null values, recalculate
descriptive statistics from Module 1 exclusive of such records.





Research Project – Step IV
After reading the research project instructions, complete the following as part of Step IV:

One paragraph introducing, describing, and interpreting the [associations] worksheet in the
attached ads500a_data.xlsx course file; inclusion of the table in the paper
Two paragraphs explaining the statistical (1) correlation and (2) lack of correlation between
variables shown in the [correlation] worksheet of the attached ads500a_data.xlsx course file;
inclusion of the table properly formatted
Research Project – Step V
Complete the following as part of Step V:

One paragraph discussing the [chisq table] included in the course data file, being sure to review
the tests of independence and homogeneity; properly formatted contingency table must be
Two paragraphs outlining key weaknesses and strengths of the study and implications for future
research or application.
Research Project – Step VI
Complete the following as part of Step VI:

Write one paragraph outlining any multicollinearity concerns and how they were fixed for the final
Review the linear regression model output and select the model you believe to be most
○ Includes 0/-1 values for “not recorded” or “not applicable”

Originally Planned Model

Original Model w/o Nominal Fields
○ Basic Model
Excludes 0/-1 values for “not recorded” or “not applicable”

Originally Planned Model

Original Model w/o Nominal Fields
○ Basic Model
Write two paragraphs discussing the linear originally-planed linear regression model, your
selected linear regression model, and justify your selection.
○ Include within the section the formula you chose with coefficients and in a proper
statistical format.
Research Project – Step VII
For the last step in the project:

Write three(3) paragraphs concluding on whether the original hypothesis or research plan was
substantiated or unsubstantiated by the analysis, concise summarization of the primary findings
with results interpretation
Abstract ( ≈250 words)
○ One-to-two sentences explaining the quantitative analyses, hypotheses, and question or
problem investigated
○ Data source and pertinent characteristics of the data
○ Statement regarding secondary data analysis
○ Basic findings, including confidence intervals and statistical significance levels
○ Conclusions and implications of findings
Add the table of contents, list of tables, and list of equations.
Optional Additions
The sections below may be optionally added to your report, but are neither required nor graded beyond


List of Abbreviations

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