Emerging HR Trends

Discuss three current or future trends impacting the HR profession.  What opportunities and challenges might these trends present for HR and for the organization? As a human resource professional, what new skills and/or competencies would you need to further develop to adapt to these trends and to continue to be successful in your role? Use the resources provided to support your ideas.


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Emerging HR Trends
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Heathfield (2018). Did You Bring Your Ethics to Work Today?
SHRM (2014). Code of Ethics
Ingram (2018). The Importance of Ethics in Human Resources
Scott (nd).  Ethical Issues Facing HR
Heathfield (2018). Top 10 Human Resources Trends of the Decade
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Lumen Learning (nd). Current Trends and Challenges in HR Management Retrieved from https://courses.lumenlearning.com/suny-principlesmanagement/chapter/current-trends-and-challenges-in-hr-management/
Mayhew (nd) Contemporary Issues Faced by Human Resource Managers Today. Retrieved from http://smallbusiness.chron.com/contemporary-issues-faced-human-resource-managers-today-1875.html (Short article regarding some of the current issues affecting HR managers)


Lumen Learning (nd). Global Trends Retrieved from https://courses.lumenlearning.com/principlesmanagement/chapter/3-4-global-trends/
Taylor (2019) Millennial Job Search
Haak (2019) 12 HR Trends for 2020
Clarey & Golden (2020) 10 Trends that will Shape HR in 2020


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