English 365

Discussion Board 4
Writing a good request for proposal (RFP) and managing a well thought out process to select the right partner for your company can mean difference between a great success and a total disaster.
http://tonykinard.net/digital-rfp-guide/#.UswtV7RdCSo. THE LINK  (tonykinard.net/digital-rfp-guide/#.Xx7zmHFKjiV).
http://operationstech.about.com/od/vendorselection/a/VendorSelect-RFP-RFQ.htm. THE LINK (thebalancesmb.com/rfp-rfq-requests-2533816)
Alternate Link: https://mindbuffer.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/nine-steps-to-successful-information-technology-vendor-selection/. THE LINK (mindbuffer.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/nine-steps-to-successful-information-technology-vendor-selection/
List three things that make an RFP great and three that make it a disaster. Which step should take the most amount of time and which one is the most important?. ONE PAGE 

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