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Module 9 Writing Assignment
We live in an electronic age where we are not only judged by the way we present ourselves online, we must also remember that all the writing we produce online exists into perpetuity. Nothing is ever fully deleted.
Do exercise #6 at the end of Chapter 14 of the textbook. The word count requirement is relaxed for this assignment, since it’s one page.
It is important that you do not just regurgitate the information from the chapter. You should use the chapter, but also go beyond it to use outside sources.
Once you have completed providing all the information requested and saving your file use the steps below to upload your assignment.
                                      FEEDBACK TO LEARNER ………
 Did the wrong assignment. You were supposed to do; “Because students use email to communicate with other group members when they write collaboratively, your college or university would like to create a one-page handout on how to use email responsibly. Using a search engine, find three or four netiquette guides on the Internet that focus on email. Study these guides and write a one-page student guide to using email to communicate with other students. Somewhere in the guide, be sure to list the sites you studied, so that students can visit them for further information about netiquette.” Please email the correct assignment. NO PLAGIARISM AND ONE PAGE COUPLE WITH WORKS CITED OR REFERENCES.

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