Answer to the best of your ability each of the following questions.

1. Select TWO principles of leadership from the story of Joshua (as found in Joshua chapters 1-7) and answer the following question: As king how effectively or ineffectively did David follow these principles? Why? (For support refer where relevant to I and II Samuel, Psalms 22, 23 and 38.)

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2.Identify ONE similarity among the personalities of Saul, David, and Solomon – either positive or negative. Then identify ONE difference among the three personalities – either positive or negative.

3.Select one of the following characters and say something specific about her relationship to Yahweh and to the man/men in her life: Hannah, Bathsheba, Rabah.

4.Identify at least TWO real turning points in the life of ONE of the following characters, and then discuss their impact upon you as a reader: Joshua, Samuel, Eli, Hannah, Bathsheba, Jonathan.

5. Identify ONE principle of Hebraic Literary Style in each of the following books: Exodus, Joshua, I and II Samuel, I Kings.

6. Identify THREE differences between the judicial and monarchical periods of biblical history.

7. From your readings in Exodus, Joshua, I and II Samuel, I Kings, Psalms and Proverbs, list TEN new insights (since our readings in Genesis) that you have gained into the character and/or will of Yahweh (during the burning bush episode with episode, this is the name God gives for Himself – I AM WHO I AM, transliterated as YHWH/Yahweh).

8. Discuss at least five facts that you have learned about the early cultural and religious history of Judaism from the readings in Exodus, Joshua, I and II Samuel, I Kings, and Proverbs. 


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