Ernest Hemingway.

Ernest Hemingway.

There is no possible alternative to death and fear that would sufficiently and strongly provide meaning and richness to the act of living. Hemingway admits that he began with bullfighting out of curiosity to witness the brutal act of a violent death, which would give him a greater meaning of the essence of life.

Of the many ways that a human may contemplate life or the purpose of existence, fear, courage and death are those that give life a stronger and fuller definition. With the contemplation of death and fear comes a different dimension that life and living can be viewed from. described by many authors in a number of books. Ernest Hemingway is one such author who has dissected this psychological aspect through the more common subject of bullfighting. The book both describe clearly and in detail, the terms, techniques and traditional methods involved in the art of bullfighting, making a personal connection to the sport, not merely being an observer or giving a detailed description. “For some of his most assiduous readers it is also the best non-Spanish contemporary writing on the bullfight.” (Calvo 117). Hemingway is seen to have accepted that bullfighting is undoubtedly a cruel sport that calls for immense courage, but at the same time implies that it is the intense fear that brings with it the strength, relating the sport to life. Hemingway tries to make a string-line connection between the two different worlds of bullfighting and human life. Although the connection between real life and a sport may not be quite as obvious, the work of Hemingway trudges deep into the subject.

Hemingway begins with talking about how it was the desire to see a violent death that drew him toward learning about the sport of bullfighting which he very clearly despised otherwise and even considered it as a mere brutal sport.


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