Essay help on congressional committess/legislation assignment

Identify and choose two congressional committees (Links to an external site.) .  Identify one from the House and one from the Senate that are the same committee, for example: the House Armed Services Committee and the Senate Armed Services Committee.

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Please note, some committees that perform the same function have different names in the House and Senate. The House Ways and Means Committee relates to the Senate Finance Committee for example.
Write a full research/informative essay using the below format:

Provide a complete and detailed background of each committee (leadership, composition, subcommittees, scope, history, etc)
Briefly compare and contrast the two committees.
Identify what each committee is working on currently.
Explain why a Representative/Senator would want to be on each respective committee. How can they exercise power? What decisions can they influence?


You can emphasize different aspects of this assignment to your own style:

Maybe give in depth biographies of each member
or detail all the work they did in a given time frame

Be sure to cover each aspect, and always err on the side of more detail than less
organize the content.  avoid mashing together members, history, and subcommittees, etc all in the same paragraph
GovTrack (Links to an external site.) is a good website for committees.  Use multiple sources
Avoid plagiarism

Essay is graded on structure, clarity of writing, and completeness of analysis

In order to understand the importance of Congressional committees, in-depth research presents an overview of two similar committees in the United States Congress. By informing on the _______ committee in the Senate and the ________ committee in the House, curious readers learn about the leadership, history, composition, function, and overall purpose of the committees and Congress as a whole.


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