Once upon the time, my generation created Internet. A new way to connect people, improve and establish new way of sharing information, conduct a business. You are the generation that was born and raised with internet and online businesses that shape our world. Your information is everywhere-your photos, chats, friend list, things you buy, things you see. There is no privacy anymore. It is easy to track you and find everything about you. Did you search yourself?

Your assignment is two fold:

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1. Watch following video-it will open your mind and help you understand how limited is our ability in relation to our privacy. Do we have any? The goal is to educate you about the data ethics and privacy. Only when you understand how fragile you are, then you have to think not only how to protect yourself as a private person but also, as a marketing professional, to protect your customers.

2. Read the document about Data Ethics, attached. This document explores Ethics and what you should think about as a professional. I do not expect you to memorize the document and understand every word but to comprehend what you have to think about. When you join an organization, you will have to protect the organization from mismanaging data and be ethical guard-otherwise, the value of the organization will be diminished.

What is your task?

1. Watch video and learn what is going on.

2. Use the Data Ethics document and highlight ONE most important topic you find interesting. Write a one or two page essay and explain why is Data Ethics important. It is not about what you will only write for this assignment-it is important to understand and implement the ethics in the future.


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