ESSAY- A Raisin In The Sun

An Important Note:
Essays shall receive failing grades for these reasons:

They are written about topics other than the assigned topic or about the topic of the sample essay.

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ESSAY- A Raisin In The Sun
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They do not satisfy the minimum page requirement or exceed the maximum page requirement. 
They are missing MLA in-text  citations and/or parenthetical references in sentences with such  borrowed material as definitions and quotations.
They are missing MLA works cited entries.
They do not use all or some of the required sources.

Assigned Topics:
Choose only one of these topics:

Select two characters in A Raisin in the Sun  by Lorraine Hansberry, and compare or contrast them based on some of  their primary character traits. For example, whereas Lena Younger (the  mother) has life experience, her daughter (Beneatha) lacks that  experience. 

Select a character in A Raisin in the Sun  by Lorraine Hansberry, and compare that character to you based on  similar personality traits that the two of you share. For instance, just  as Ruth protects the well-being of her son, you may do the same with  your children.
Select a character in A Raisin in the Sun  by Lorraine Hansberry, and compare that character to a well-known  individual (living or deceased) based on similar personality traits that  the two of them share. Walter hopes to pursue his business dreams, just  as well-known American inventor Thomas Alva Edison followed his. 

Write an essay of at least three pages  but no more than five, with the works cited page as the fourth or fifth  page.  Include these sections within your essay:

an introduction with a thesis statement 
at least 2 developmental (body) paragraphs
a conclusion 
an MLA Works Cited page with an entry  for each source from which information was borrowed and included as  part of the essay  (Since there are three required sources, the works  cited page must have an entry for each one.)

The required sources are:

a primary source, which is a written or electronic version of the drama
an article from a database to which the Valencia College library subscribes (This database is considered a secondary source.)
at least one other credible secondary  source of your choice (a book with information about the play, a  credible website, another database article, a biography of a well-known  individual, etc.)

You may use additional sources in addition to the required ones.


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