Write an essay of at least 4-5 paragraphs that compares OR contrasts two television shows of the same type (reality shows, situation comedies, dramas, news programs, and so forth) as long as the same genre.

*******ONE CHOICE IS ******the show FRIENDS (characters are Monica, Rachel, Chadler, Joey, Rose) you may pick another one from this website below before you choose a show you must communicate with me because I MUST agree.*******

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Use one of the organizational methods—subject-by-subject (block) or point-by-point (alternating)—illustrated in the Week 6 lecture notes to structure your essay. Also, be sure to include in your essay all of the good qualities of comparison and contrast discussed in this week’s lesson.
Write a well-constructed (organized) essay that contains: a clear thesis, a thought provoking introduction, good sentence variety, adheres to grammar rules, and a solid conclusion. 
View the attached grading rubric. 
Also, remember to follow the paragraph length requirements see below.
Be sure to follow the format below for writing a 5 paragraph essay, including the correct paragraph length for each paragraph (P1 and 5 – 5 sentences, and P2,3,4 6-8 sentences).
Paragraph one should state the thesis and 3 key ideas that will be discussed.
Paragraphs 2,3,4 discus each of the 3 key ideas and include examples and explanations, and
Paragraph 5 restates the thesis, 3 key ideas and includes a closing statement.
Click on the links to view the short videos on revision, mechanics, and grammar:
Sentence Fragments
Sentence Variety
Paragraph Unity
Subject-Verb Agreement


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