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Assessment Project Guideline
This course focuses on the importance of assessment methods and implication. To conduct the assessment, it is critical to follow three steps: (1) select an appropriate test (2) administer the test properly (3) collect and interpret the data. Evaluation of test results is used to determine current status and future direction. The data also can stimulate and motivate individual’s behavior.

In this project you will evaluate your overall physical fitness and diet.

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To assess your physical fitness, The President’s Challenge Fitness Test (PCFT) will be used which is dedicated to improving the physical activity and fitness of All-Americans.  There are many sub-test components in the PCFT. For this project, you only need to conduct five components such as (1) curl-ups, (2) shuttle run, (3) endurance run (1-mile run), (4) push-ups, and (5) v-sit reach. Please see attachment for the detailed instruction. 
To assess your diet, you may use any reliable websites such as MyFitnessPal and WebMD ( These websites allow you to calculate the total amount of calorie you intake daily. If you can find any other websites, please feel free to use them.  
In order to fulfill this assignment, you will need to incorporate a number of vital elements into your paper. Please see below.

 a. Discuss your overall previous physical fitness and diet

a. Provide the result of five components from the President’ Challenge Fitness Test
-Each result should be compared to the table “The National Physical Fitness Award”
(compare the result to age 17). This table can be found PCFT instruction on page 8.  

b. Provide the result of your overall diet (total calorie/balance of the foods and nutrition; this should be the average of at least three days)  
c. Discuss your future plan 

-Setting specific short-term and long-term fitness/diet goals
-Identify fitness activities/diet that will help you accomplish your goals

d. Identify three factors that you think you can do to make sure you stay motivated to execute your short-term and long-term goals.
What are three big obstacles that you think will stand in your way from consistently following your goals?

a. Your thoughts over the assessment process/findings/goalsb. Summary of the paper

The paper should be three to four pages in length. 12-point size and double spaced.  


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