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Writing Outlines
(TOPIC: cyber Security)

Outlines are basically a roadmap that helps you organize your ideas on the topic you are writing about. They are a great system to help organize your paper into a cohesive paper, connecting ideas to each other in an order that works best. It helps to create a more logical flow to your paper and keep the writer on topic. Outlines are not always written in complete sentences, but they can be.
Basic Outline Format:

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Essay Outline
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Introduction Paragraph:
Remember to open your paragraph with an introduction that provides your reader with a thesis statement. In this opening paragraph you want to prepare your reader for what is to come, but you want to reserve the specific content and details for the body of the paper.

First Paragraph Main Body 1:
Subtopic 1: What is this paragraph about?
Subtopic 2: What are the important details I want to discuss?
Do I have any supporting evidence for my statements discussed in this paragraph?
First Paragraph Main Body 2:
Subtopic 1
First Paragraph Main Body 3:
Subtopic 1 
Etc…Depending on the length of your paper, continue adding paragraphs in this manner. 
Remind your reader what your main point is. The conclusion restates your thesis statement, summarizes the subpoints of your essay and leaves the reader with an interesting final impression. Go above and beyond simply re-stating the key points you addressed. What do you want your reader to remember when they walk away from this paper?
Link for APA Style:


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