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What is a conflict of interest? Answer this question in relation to the moral issues raised by conflicts of interest in the professions. Refer in your answer to the relationship between medical professionals and the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries. Should medical professionals avoid relationships with such industries? Why/Why not? 

Important: Your essay must incorporate a detailed discussion and analysis of the relevant arguments presented in at least two* of the assigned readings for your chosen topic. This means you should include assessments of opposing viewpoints and objections. Remember to state your own view clearly and to defend it using some of the theoretical resources (theories, principles) we have discussed in class. (*Some questions ask you to address arguments from more than two sources. In these cases you should examine all the relevant arguments in detail. Aim to use four to six sources in total. You do not need to discuss the arguments from every source in the same detail. Please use the readings from the unit reading list relevant to your topic.) 

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