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 Post a 1 page essay writing transcript of yourself presenting a community health intervention example that 1) targets a specific population in a developing country and addresses one of the WHO Millennium goals or 2) targets a specific population in the United States and addresses one of the Healthy People 2020 overarching goals. The intervention you describe could be one you are proposing or a real-life example of a current or recent (past 2 years) intervention.
Your transcript assignment must include the following:
1.      Begin by explaining whether this is a real-life example or one that you made up.assignment help here
2.      Briefly describe the community health intervention, including the target population.
3.      Explain which WHO Millennium or Healthy People 2020 goal is being addressed.
4.      Describe which level(s) of prevention is(are) being address by this intervention (primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention). Your response must demonstrate your understanding of the level(s) of prevention.
5.      If using a real situation, specifically identify the types of public health or health education professionals that are involved, and briefly explain their role or, if using a fictional situation, identify at least one type of public health or health education professional that you think would be involved. Explain what you think their role would be, and why.
6.      Identify at least one public health or health education essential service that is being carried out by the identified professionals and explain how that is being done.
7.      Include any sources click here for instructions used—in APA forma 

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